Sue Quinn’s no-bake low-sugar cheesecake

A quick post, mostly to remind myself that this cheesecake by Sue Quinn is an extremely useful, quick and delicious pudding (that link takes you to the Sunday Times paywall, but you can read the recipe). I used around 170g of (shop-bought) low-sugar raspberry jam instead of her home-made blueberry jam, beating most of it into the cream cheese mixture, and the whole thing is made in 20 minutes max, plus 2 hours chilling to set. I lined the loose bottom of a cake tin with clingfilm, leaving it hanging over the edge when I clipped the sides on. A knife round the edge after chilling and it came out easily. You can also freeze cheesecake – I’m going to cut it into slices, which I’ll wrap individually. If there’s any left…

Another note: I beat the double cream mixture with a hand-whisk, and it increases a bit in size – I find there’s too much for the base, so put the left-overs in ramekins and froze them. They’ll make a good pudding on their own as a quasi-mousse, or with a granola-style oat and fruit topping.

Also: this is a good one to make with small children, as well as feed them – pressing the buttons on the food processor, mixing together the cream cheese, pressing it into the tin etc.


When I’m baking at home and we’re going to eat the whole thing, it’s sensible to stick to low-sugar recipes, particularly while our daughter is so young. When they taste this good (I actually prefer this to regular recipes, it’s not as cloying) it’s hardly deprivation!