What I hope this website is:

  • A welcoming, easy-to-follow starting point for complete cooking beginners
  • A useful compendium of  practical, achievable, economical family recipes suitable for novices or seasoned cooks
  • A common sense guide to simple healthy eating, with no time for fads, diets or marketing spin
  • An interesting folio of food research for those who’d like to find out more
  • Motivation for my own continuous learning

What I am:

  • A committed home cook with a background in food writing
  • A fledgling cooking tutor running classes for individuals and community groups
  • Interested in the scientific evidence behind sensationalised food and health headlines (but not a scientist)
  • Convinced that anyone can achieve tasty, healthy, appealing food without needing to be any kind of ‘food expert’
  • A busy mother of one
  • Into organic; wary but not scared of sugar; pro-butter

What I’m not:

  • Medically trained, or a healthcare professional of any kind
  • A chef
  • Paid by anyone to market anything
  • Taking hours to photograph or arrange anything – all the pictures are (pretty obviously) taken hastily before eating. Stomach before style!